10-Year-Old Chicago Boy Hand- C u f f e d By P o l i c e In Case Of Mistaken Identity

CHICAGO, IL — The video of a 10-year-old boy being hand- c u f f e d by Chicago p o l i c e has stirred up outrage on social media. The cell phone video shows officers handcuffing the child while questioning him about a gun. P o l i c e said they received multiple calls about a child with a firearm in the area. P o l i c e said the 10-year-old ran from them when they went up to him.

The family of the boy said they believe it was a case of mistaken identity, according to a report by ABC 7. The report identified the boy as Michael Thomas Jr., and said his family can be heard in the video asking officers why the boy was in hand-c u f f s.

“They’re telling them that someone called them saying that there is a 12-year-old kid on a bike with all blue on had a g u n,” the uncle said in the video. “There was about five little boys with all blue on.” The boy’s grandmother was also nearby and tried to tell officers that he had no weapons on him, according to the report.

“I raised up my grandbaby’s shirt. He don’t have anything on him. Take those hand-c u f f s off of him,” she said in the video.

The Chicago P o l i c e Department said it plans to look into the incident and reach out to the family.


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