20 Controversial Illustrations By The French Banksy That Will Make You Think

The street artist from France, Dran is well known for expressing his critical views over the prevalent issue through his artistic skills. He is awarded with the epithet of “The French Banksy”. Banksy is an anonymous England-based graffiti artist who too manifests his beliefs to the public through his craftiness.

However, am going to share few drawings by Dran, which are the reflection of the hot issues of current times.

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This picture refers towards the issue of deforestation or in other words denounces the butchering of trees. Deforestation is one of the big concerns of today world as global warming ensued from deforestation, which, if anyone is oblivious, will eventually lead towards the melting of glaciers all over the world resulting in a severe flood: quite suffice to inundate the whole world.

Sadly, the trees are being cut for the papers over which the slogans to save trees are scribbled. How hypocritical we have become!

Even now if we start to get our shit together and at least plant one tree we can end up planting the whole world. I guess it’s time for us to stop grumbling and instead set off for the solutions.
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This shows an animal in captivation, who portrays the visitors or the view outside his cage. This cites to the miserable conditions and the shattered sentiments of animals who are deprived of their basic rights alongside the suitable ambient environment required for their living. How could we be so selfish? We as humans need to realize that animals itself are living being, so deserve to be treated like one.

I believe we should promote the natural park system more in contrast to captivation. Likewise, animals could be examined for scientific test, people would still be able to steal a glare of these beautiful creatures, over and above all animals would be more content.
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This one is ironic. It conveys the beautiful message of love or may also refer to a dejected guy missing his beloved one. Guy been so desperate in love struggling to make peace with his isolation; think of nothing but the one whom he loved. The painting drew by the lad with blossoms and scorching sun directs towards the cherishing days that he yearns to have with her.

Take the message and treat your beloved ones with love and affection, and hold onto them for eternity no matter what.

Make them realize how much they mean to you by clinging to them through thick and thin lest you radically miss out on this auspicious moment.
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Ahh! An old couple standing beside each other with raining pills exhibits the strength of their bond despite being ragged and rotten with age, they put their feet down and look the death in the face holding each other hand tightly. Grey hair does earn you the status of ‘senior citizen’, but takes away the ignition to relish the promotion. Not only this, but one gets besieged by a pile of medicines.

At this occasion of life, the only thing which can truly bring ecstasy to ones face is your partner. It is indeed a blessing to have a loyal, honest, and ever-loving spouse and one should always praise its presence.

Therefore, cater to his / her every whim and be loyal to him / her because know that no one will take a stand for you except for your partner. Beautify your life by relishing every juncture spent together and pouch as many memories as you could with which you could spend the last breaths of your life!
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It tickled the nostalgic sentiments within me and reminded me of the old schools days when we were to have every god dyamn book with us no matter what. Furthermore, kids nowadays are swamped by shit loads of work that they hardly get a time out for outdoor or joyful activities they tend to relish.

As we could see, the pile of books sagging down from the wee shoulders is a torture every kid has to go through during its days in school.

This is a cruel reality and should surely be eradicated from the society. Children must not be burdened with work beyond their tolerance as it affects their personality adversely rather should be given suffice room to indulge in activities they love to do. This will enable them to divulge their aspiration and the spirit to chase it with utter determination.
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This portrait left me down in the dumps. Getting the beggar painted same as wall explicitly illustrates the way under privileged are neglected in our ignoble society. Over the time period, the communication gap between the poor and affluent has been skyrocketed only due the apathy demonstrated by the well offs. If the same situation prevails for some more time, it will end up in a disaster for sure!

White washing the colors elucidates the brutality of us who not only neglect the poor, but never skip on to the chance of making their life even more miserable and taking the only few colors off their life.

Hence why, here’s the pledge for all of those affluent individuals out there to cater to needy’s needs as much as one could and to make an effort to get their train over the track.
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I think this one reflects to the feminism crap, which has gotten its peak over the years. In this picture a man is being bashed with the whip by the authorities, but the painting instead shows the opposite: a girl being all beaten up by a guy. It also reflects upon the deceitful role played by the media who fabricated the true picture.

In this world of maze, it has now become close to impossible to even search for truth. Duplicity, fabrication, and bluff have engulfed our society, which prevents the true side of anything to penetrate and unravel to us.

It also reflects towards the lost of freedom of speech. Every one share the equal and absolute right to express oneself explicitly with liberty, no doubt democracy brings with itself difference in opinion which should whole heartedly embraced by all the living entities as we may always agree to disagree.
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Yet again a pitiful reality. Reflection of the deceitfulness of people and the sham nature of media. The girl doing make-up of the guy who is appear before the camera unravels the fact of people faking themselves to fool the naives as on account to achieve the intimate interests.

Honesty, once used to a virtue every one cared about contrary to now no one’s pay a slightest attention to it. Integrity, dignity, and honesty are nothing but the meaningless words in this world. If we really want to see the tables turn, we would need to embark from our own selves.
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It affirms the claim that all, girls are ever boiled down to is sex. Though the time has brought with itself mindboggling innovations, but has also lead to the peaked lust. One should believe it or not, girls are ill treated in this male dominant society and this needs to be put to bed once for eternity.
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Irony play its part in every illustration. I think this reveals the naïve and innocent nature possessed by the infants. Being tender and compassionate, unfortunately virtues we seldom witness in an adult, she is trying to feed a non-living horse-like creature indicating towards not only the naïve nature, but also enthusiasm for the animals.

Without the shadow of doubt, animal rights are being ignored and forgotten leaving this universe in jeopardy.

Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to interpret the painting as a heads up for the humans to save animals lest they go extinct making the next generations wonder what they really looked like.

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