Brave Hero Rescued A Baby From A B u r n i n g Car After Major A c c i d e n t

Tulonga Neputa (35), rushed towards a smoking vehicle and rescued a baby in d i s t r e s s, after an a c c i d e n t where five people d i e d. “Wow! I honour you my sister and I really salute you for your bravery! It is so heart warming and so comforting to know, that there are still people like you left in this world! I love you! Thank you Tulonga Neputa!! As a mother of a child. I thank you.” Neputa ignored calls from her colleagues, with whom she was travelling in a minibus, and ran towards the wrecks of the cars – a VW Amarok twin-cab and a BMW – about 18 kilometres from Okahandja to pick up baby Dex Heger.


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he Namiban reported that Baby Dex’ grandfather, Frank Joachim Heger, who was driving the Amarok, and the four occupants of the BMW d i e d on the spot. Neputa, a mother of two, was on her way to Walvis Bay for the state-owned enterprises games when they got to the a c c i d e n t scene moments after it had occurred. One of the first videos from the scene shows Neputa telling her workmates that she was going to pick the baby up, while others were discouraging her from going. In an interview with Informanté later, Neputa said when she saw the baby lying on the ground, she just thought of getting it.

“When I saw the baby lying on the ground, close to the car, close to the bakkie actually, at that moment, I just wanted to get out of that car and just run and go get that baby. “At that time, there was smoke coming out of the car. And I don’t know; I was just thinking about the baby. I guess that motherly instinct just kicked in instantly,” she told Informanté. Neputa also told Informanté that she felt nauseous when they reached Okahandja because of the horrific nature of the a c c i d e n t.

“I didn’t know what had just happened; I felt nauseous. It’s like I wanted to throw up. I didn’t know the feeling at that point. I was in shock. The shock happened later, and not when I was helping the baby,” she was quoted as saying. Little Dex was reunited with his mom, Nadja Heger, at the Windhoek hospital and is recovering well thanks to Neputa’s bravery.


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