10 Kids From 5 Different Men: The Woman Lives Off Her Government Benefits, Doesn’t Work And Teaches Her Kids To Do The Same

People in the UK have come up with the idea, that government owes them something and they can live off its money and the money of regular taxpayers. According to a new survey from Pew Research Center, 90% of the households have received benefits from the government. A 49-year-old woman, Mandie Cowie lives off her government benefits and doesn’t care what people think about her. She has 10 kids from 5 different men. Currently, she takes over $34,000 benefits every year. Even after this, she is not the content and wants her children to do the same. She is trying to convince her children to follow her path. Her dream is to have 50 grandchildren before she di-es. She already has 16 grandchildren and was featured on Britain’s Biggest Benefits Family.

She wants to continue ranking in benefits from the government and become the biggest family with benefits in Great Britain.

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She says, “I can’t work because of unplanned pregnancies and no job would pay me, what I am getting now. People might judge me, but I don’t care. If there are on offer, who wouldn’t take it?” She is right as she doesn’t have any education nor any work experience, who would pay her $35,000 per year. Among 10 children, 3 are living with her, while 7 have moved out.

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Her younger kid, 14-year-old, Charlie likes to stay at home and smoke, rather than going to school. While her eldest daughter, 24-year-old, Cristal, is already walking on her mom’s footprints and manipulating the system for benefits.

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The British government is spending more than $201 million on 27,000 large families in welfare benefits. Just like Mandy pointed out, “It’s being offered” that means it is legal.

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So, whom to blame for this, the government or the people like Mandy for ab-using the system. Truth is both should be blamed. Government is not feeling any burden of this. The burden falls only the taxpayers.

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It is unfair for the people who really need help and for whom these programs were designed because leeches like Mandy don’t help needy people. They ab-use the system for their personal benefits.

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