11 Things To Do To Keep Your Man


A lot of relationships start like fairy-tales in the beginning but become sour with time. It’s not always because the guy is cheating; often, knowingly or unknowingly, we ourselves make it complicated.

So if you are lucky girl who has found her Mr. Right and wants to keep him, we have some tips for you:

(1) Be honest and trust him:

Honesty is the key to every successful relationship. Be honest with him; tell him if you made a mistake. What a man wants in his woman is honesty. Also, trust him and make him feel that vibe. It will help you strengthen your bond.

(2) Be supportive:

Give him your support. Let him know that you are there even if the world goes against him. Usually men don’t open up like women but by appreciating things he’s doing or new things he wants to do, you are sending the vibe that you are there for him.

(3) Stay calm:

Men usually want to stay away from impulsive reactions. They enjoy peace in their lives. So, try to keep your calm. Control your hyper-activity. Don’t let those emotional outbursts ruin the relationship. Breathing exercises or yoga are helpful.

(4) Make him your priority:

You might have a wonderful career or a very busy social life but don’t fail to make him your priority. Every man wants that. Even you would want to have the same in your life. The more you give him importance, the more he will appreciate you.

(5) Be affectionate and caring:

Care and affection is something we all crave for in a relationship. Men appreciate caring partners. They like it when their women don’t feel ashamed of showing their care and concern.

(6) Use s-x for romance, not for battering:

s-x is for heating up the romance; don’t use it for making him do things he wasn’t willing to do. Men don’t like getting battered.

(7) Be smart and humorous:

While looks are important, men also want their women to be smart and witty. Show your intelligence often. Use your wits to spark a laughter. This will make your relationship interesting.

(8) Love yourself and be self-confident:

Until and unless you don’t respect yourself, nobody is going to respect you. If you are confident of yourself, your man will give you that respect. Don’t seek validation from him. He’s not there to boost your self-confidence.

(9) Always be kind:

A kind woman always attracts a man. Showing kindness not on just him but rather on everybody will make him feel proud to be your man.

(10) Keep the romance alive:

Always keep the romance alive in the relationship. Give him a kiss while he’s working in the room or steal a kiss from him; surprise him with handmade stationary items or cards or home-cooked food. Flirt with him. Such romantic gestures will draw him closer to you.

(11) Keep your secrets to yourself:

Don’t share your secrets with your girlfriends. If he comes to know, he will feel uncomfortable. You might not like certain things but discuss them with him, don’t share them with others. He will love and respect you for that.

This is how people reacted to this post:

riggerrinnieYou need to continue being a whole person while in the relationship. Continue to work on yourself. Becoming the best version of you. Personal growth doesnt stop because you found “the one”.

Val-schaefferWhat he pointed out at is crucial. The understanding that you gave your 100% and the rest is not your hand, and being in peace with that: is very important.

Krys BThe secret is that HE HAS TO WANT TO BE KEPT. If not, no amount of beauty, good s-x, charm, personality or tricks & tips will work

Kimi CaríoThe moment I started focusing on me being my best self FOR ME, my bf changed in a way I didn’t even imagine!! He became his best self too and our relationship became the relationship I always wanted it to be

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