3 Neighbors Ignore Little Boy After He Misses School Bus—Then This Guy Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

Schools were back in session after holidays and students were again back to their normal routine. One day, a kid was running late for his school and end up missing his school bus. So instead of going back home, he decided to ask out his neighbors, if he could get a ride to school. He tried and went for asking help and knocked their doors. But they refused to help. He tried three times, but all of them refused.

But he did not lose hope. He went to the fourth one, Brian. Brian woke up from his sleep and answered the knock and saw a “lil homie” in front of his door.

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He asked for what he has come. The kid replied that he missed his school bus and needed a ride to school. Before he could explain more and say a word, Brian slipped on his shoes, grabbed his keys and went out of the door and hurriedly race the kid to school. Reaching school in no time, Brian said to the kid, “Go get that education, young brother.”

Brian later posted the story and the pic of that kid going to school on social media. He said, “This is what ‘big homies’ do for young ones”.

The story went viral in no time and was shared 133,000 times across the internet. People praised him for his selflessness and also the kid’s determination for going to his class, which other kids of his age wouldn’t do so.

The kid has the courage to ask for help, not everyone has that courage and people should help them.

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