4 Judges Start New Program For Youth In Order To Help End Prison Pipeline

DALLAS, TEXAS — You have to start somewhere, and it seems it’s going to be Texas. These four judges have begun something that could blossom across every state.Four Dallas judges — the honorables Amber Givens-Davis, Lisa Green, Shequitta Kelly, and Stephanie Mitchell, of whom are also members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. — have created a program called “Pipelines to Possibilities.”

According to Houston Defender, the program committed to educating the youth on various aspects of the justice system, essentially inspiring students to become societal leaders, themselves. The source mentions that the program aims to teach students more about societal issues, as well as the criminal justice system — effectively redirecting them from criminal behavior.

Real Classes

The Defender reporters that the program consists of four segments:

  • Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
  • Presentation and Appearance
  • Changing Mindsets and College Explosion and
  • Bridging Law Enforcement and Neighborhoods In Dallas.

To elaborate the objectives of these classes — for instance in Presentation and Appearance — students are taught how to tie ties, apply makeup, and present themselves in person and via social media.

Likewise, taking from those who were imprisoned, students will learn more about the issues they’ll possibly encounter, as well as how to avoid them.

They’ll learn the value of making good choices and how to limit placing themselves in situations where bad choices would flood the environment.

In addition, students will get a chance to express their concerns with law enforcement authorities concerning issues like police brutality, excessive force, and situation bias.

All in all, this seems like an incredible program — one that would do well in any city if implemented.

Content Credit: TheBlackLoop

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