5-Yr-Old Boy Walks Into Police Station W/ Sign Around Neck. What It Says Leaves Cops In Tears

The police witness several things in the course of a day. They can easily catch up the unique things happened. One such thing has happened to the police officers of one Charlotte in North Carolina station. The day just started as the ordinary day but after became an unforgettable day. A five years old boy Jayden Hooker went to the local police station with his mother to give officers donuts and hugs. This idea came in his mind as he has got scared one day when there were demonstrations and people got hurt.

He has heard the sounds of violence in the streets. So he thought that as if he was scared, then the police must be got scared.

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The boy didn’t want them to be scared anymore. He wants them to stay safe and not anyone to hurt them. So the Hooker went to the station and was wearing a sign that said ‘Free Hugs’. Due to this sign when Hooker entered into the station he didn’t need to say anything. That sign was saying everything. Jayden is a very socially aware child.

Therefore, he understood all of the tension between the community and the police department. So to express his gesture of support he made this plan with the help of his mother.

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Hooker didn’t know anybody who worked at the station. He just had that intrinsic connection with humanity. So due to Jayden’s sweet gesture, several officers took him on the offer. Other officers were moved to tears. They were just got emotional by thinking that the gesture of a boy who tries to make the world a better place. This action of Hooker shows everyone what caring and community is really all about.

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