A Man Posted This Online After He Approached A Marine Veteran He Did Not Know

No one knows which kind of meeting shall conclude into the formation of a fine story. A marine veteran as well as a man communicated with each other when they met in a coffee shop and that too co-incidentally, afterward the whole conversation was posted by him online. As told by the veteran out of respect, the man said that he respects Semper Fi’s generation. Then afterward, the veteran entailed a story to the man in which he mentioned about his service towards nation and why is he so satisfied even with a single lung despite of being in his 90’s.

Justin Governale,

This morning at Starbucks, Justin Governale witnessed a man who had a Marine Raider pin along with a purple heart accompanied with some tiny pins on his hat. In case, any person is concerned and also knows about history, then he/she must also know that the creation of these men is facilitated with the salt of the Earth.

He commenced his talks by the stories at the time when he got hit, According to him, it would be fine for him to load some pre-decided magazines since it has been believed that these would assist in lighting the buildings of the Japanese on fire. At the time of the gunfight, three buildings were lit on fire but it was at all liked by the son thus, they retaliated a rocket that led to the squad leader as well as the A[ssistant]-gunner who was responsible for loading the belt and his hip was affected since it got a chunk. However, he didn’t remember even a single thing and when he woke up the next week, he found himself in a hospital and saw that the doctor was taking out fluid from the patient’s chest and as assumed his chest was hit by a machine that led to the loss of a lung.

He also discussed recovery at a Guam’s hospital. 2 choices were provided to him which were ‘Stay or run away’. As told by him, he started pulling out the pins from his body and starts covering his wound with tape and ran away for hiding for approximately 24 days. Once his rescuing was facilitated,a Lucky Strike cigarette was handed over to him by a Marine man. He was spotted by the doctor when he went to light that cigarette. On seeing this, the doctor started scolding him and said that he should not be smoking a cigarette since he has only one lung. A high amount of morphine was injected with him that led him pass out and then opening his eyes in a hospital in America.

The whole story made my year a happy and an inspirational one, This has truly proved to be a living piece of history and also, the man was so engrossed in the story that ended for about one and a half hour that he didn’t even care that he has much work to be done today, The stranger’s kindness has led the man to thank him for the same. Also, from now on whenever you are going to spot any veteran, make sure that you listen to his stories of serving the country.

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