A Man’s Guide To Pregnancy: How To Take Care Of A Pregnant Wife

Living with your wife through a pregnancy is not easy. You never know what the right thing is to do and what triggers her from time to time.

With all the new changes and a little ball of sunshine coming your way, it’s plausible to be a nervous wreck!

For those who are expecting a baby soon, here are 10 things you can follow.

1. Show Some Excitement When You Get the Big News

Don’t look shocked when she announces the big news. Sometimes you may hear such news when you’re least expecting it.

Don’t act unhappy or unsure. This may emotionally break your wife. Control your reflexes and show your wife that you’re ready.

2. Read Pregnancy Books

The more you read, the more you’ll know about how she’s feeling in this situation. You’ll learn things that you were unaware of: what she should eat, what to expect during pregnancy and how to take care of her.

3. Go with her to the Doctor’s Appointments

Take your wife to the doctors’ when she is expecting. You should be with her during each step of her pregnancy.

This will keep you well informed about her physical condition and can treat her that way. Going with her to those appointments will educate you about thedos and don’ts during pregnancy.

So, even if your wife forgets, you’ll be there to remind her. This is a really crucial period’ so you must be there for her.

4. Help Reduce Her Stress

During pregnancy, the bodygets tired easily. Doing household chores will be difficult for her due to her draining energy.

So, try to help her as much as you can and support her in every step of the way.You can also book an appointment at a spa, to help her relax.

5. Help Her Get Proper Sleep at Night

It gets really difficult for your wife to get a good night’s sleep during pregnancy.

Finding a comfortable position in bed can be quite challenging with a baby bump. You can invest in some pregnancy pillows to support her body during the night.

She may face body aches and muscle pains too. Gently rub her back or cuddle with her.

6. Try to Be Patient

The body goes through a constant hormonal change during pregnancy. She’ll be happy one minute and a crouching tiger at the next.

Be careful about what you say to her as she can be extremely sensitive and cranky during these 9 months.

Cravings will be another completely new concept to you. She might crave for the weirdest things in the middle of the night or make illogical demands. Be patient, and try to listen to her.

Give her some sexy time because she’ll be craving for sex during her pregnancy. Make her feel loved. Take her out on dates, get her flowers. Just enjoy the little things together.

7. Put Yourself in Her Shoes

It’s not biologically possible to understand what happens inside a pregnant woman’s body.

Try to put yourself in her shoes and handle her mood swings. There will be days when she’ll feel sad stuck at home. Stay in and watch a movie together. Don’t leave your pregnant wife home to party.

Give her as much moral support as you can. This is the best way to show that you genuinely care. You two are in this together.

8. Make Her Feel Beautiful And Confident.

One of the most difficult things about being pregnant is the uncontrollable weight gain. It’s not easy being 10 kilos overweight, with a baby bump and struggling to get inside a pair of jeans.

She’ll feel insecure if you don’t remind her of how much you love her and how beautiful she really is.

You need to assure her that regardless of her physical changes, you find her attractive and will never leave her side.

9. Be There When She Feels Unwell

It’s very common to wake up feeling nauseous during pregnancy. Morning sickness will be unavoidable. It can include vomiting or headaches.

This usually starts before pregnancy and can last for 12 to fourteen months. Be there to take care of her during this time. She’ll feel low and physically weak during that time.

So you must provide emotional support during times like these. Make her tea, soup or just snuggle with her.

10. Let Her Vent

Pregnancy can be very scary forthe first time. Your wife will be dealing with a new change every day.

She might have many thoughts regarding the future and have overwhelming emotions. Make sure she feels at ease to share them with you.

Always try to find out if there’s something worrying your wife and assure her that things will be alright.


Pregnancy can be a big decision and you must make your wife feel appreciated for how bravely she is handling it.

Never let her feel that she is in this alone. Give her a sense of security and plan all the ways in how you’ll raise the little one together, as a unit.

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