A Woman’s Driver License Was Suspended For Not Paying Child Support But She Doesn’t Have Kids [VIDEO]

An Ohio Woman says she had her license suspended for three months in a result of not paying child support. The catch is Nekia Jones does not have any kids. The Columbus, Ohio woman received a traffic ticket for not wearing a seatbelt in July. She went to court to pay what was due, and she instead was charged with failure to pay child support and has her license suspended. Jones said her case was switched with someone else’s and she is now left with no license and has to rely on transportation apps and family and friends to get to and from work.

“The time that I put in, the money to get to court, the days I took off,” Jones said.

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According to Fox 28, Jones pled her case in court saying that no one in the court system was willing to help her.

“All I’ve been getting is rude and nasty remarks,” Jones said in court. When she was able to get ahold of the local station investigators looked into the problem further to see how to resolve the license issue.

“It took for ABC6, for me to call ABC6 and get them involved. It took for me to call them to even get a response from anyone,” she said.

After the outlet’s investigators looked into the case at the Franklin County Municipal courthouse, they found something that might shift the case. The court administrators are trying to help Jones with her case, and they found that she has some prior outstanding traffic vio-lations that needed attention. The court said the prior violations is what led to a pile of paperwork confusion with a warrant for her ar-rest.

In court, Jones found out that she has to pay a few fines to gain her driver license. “All charges are dropped, any charges, past charges, any past fines. All of that will be dropped,” Jones said relieved.

She says the whole case being resolved has taken a lot of stress from her back. “It’s a big relief. It’s a big relief,” she said.

Jones must appear in court on October 15 and show her drivers license and receipts that the fines have been paid and she will finally be in the clear to be a driving woman again.


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