Angela Bassett Reminds Us How S e x y 60 Can Be In New Instagram Post

Can somebody say aging fine like wine? On Thursday, the mother of Wakanda posted an Instagram picture of herself in a multicolored, two-piece bikini with the caption, “Happy Birthday to all my Leo brothers and sisters. Let’s eat cake.” Her flawless skin, toned belly and makeup free face would have people thinking ( if we didn’t know any better) that sis was barely touching 40! Her fans, awed by the regal beauty, chimed in on social media and sent their birthday wishes. sonmaagunduI don’t know how you’re 60 and still a stunner??!!! But happy birthday Legend. Age with grace. simplyburgundiHappy birthday beautiful! You look stunning. etoufee30Gorgeous! So glad to know this is what 60 looks like. I’ve still got some time to get a body like this! Happy birthday to one of my favorite actresses!

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docrodd2611 Ok what?!!!???? Omg I need to go get my life!!! Mrs. B is making us ALL look bad

qbevonne67Happy Bday Queen! I just turned 50 and your my goals

theephenomenalwonHappy Blessed Day Queen @im.angelabassett!!!!! As a young woman watching you act, I always admired you, the roles you played and what you represent. Now today you’ve given me more inspiration and hope. You are redefining aging gracefully, your black is BEAUTIFUL and I thank you! Much Love and respect!

The admiration continued on her Twitter feed:

In a recent interview with Net-A-Porter, the actress shares a few of her ‘keeping it right’ secrets. “Diet is 85% of the whole thing for me,” she explained. “I’ll try to get to the hotel gym and do 30 minutes of cardio and lift a couple of weights or something. But I’m not getting up at 4 am to workout.”

However, when she’s not traveling, she sees her trainer four or five times a week, which she breaks down in a 2016 interview with the Los Angeles Times.

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“We start with low cardio — maybe run half a mile, then lift barbells while stepping up onto a bench and do a few machines, ” she explained. “He gives me food goals that I plug into MyFitnessPal app. I bring chicken and steamed broccoli or asparagus with me to the set — good lean protein, vegetables and salad. I just found this P28 [High] Protein Bread and I add tuna fish with yogurt, Dijon mustard, a little paprika and pepper, a couple olives and red bell pepper. It’s protein with protein. So you’ve got a sandwich without feeling guilty!

But like anyone, she isn’t without her guilty pleasures, which are cake and red wine. The Black Panther actress has shown no signs of slowing down and has a busy schedule ahead of her. She currently stars in the Fox drama series, 9-1-1, and alongside Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible – Fallout. The young 60-year-old is the wife of Emmy-award winner, Courtney B. Vance. Together the two are parents of 12-year-old boy and girl twins, Bronwyn and Slater Vance.

Another fabulous woman who turned the big 6-0 on Thursday was ‘Material Girl”, Madonna.

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Unfortunately, their special days was showered by grief with the passing of the ‘Queen of Soul’, Aretha Franklin, who was 76 years old.

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