AT&T Tech Fired After Cash-Apping Himself $50 From A Customer’s Phone [Video]

A woman’s house Wi-Fi wasn’t working so she called AT&T company to send their worker for setting up the internet and Wi-Fi. After a few hours, the worker showed up and hooked up her internet. The worker asked the woman to check her phone so he can test if the Wi-Fi is working or not. As soon the woman left to check her phone, the worker allegedly used the woman’s phone to send himself CASH APP 50$.

The woman caught him red-handed soon after, because the account was linked to her and her fiancé as well, who was at the bank at that time.

So, she immediately knows that some cash is deducted and she confronted him.

First, the worker denied, saying, it must be a mistake and he didn’t do any such thing, but later on, he changed his tune and kept asking her again and again, “How can we make this right?”The woman told the worker, that he can only make it right with her husband since it was his money, not her. The woman later posted the incident on social media and contact the AT&T. It was known that the company fired that worker.

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