Aunt Mortified When Nephew Crawls Into Stranger’s Arms, But Her Reaction Is Precious

The world may have some cruel people, which made it scary for parents to leave their child alone. But sometimes children teach us, that whole world is not same. There are some people who do not want to hurt others and are trustworthy. Star Balloon-Bradley took his nephew, Isaiah to Lowndes Viking Football game. The kid loves to interact with people and is very talkative, so he began talking to a lady, sitting next to him, as he knows her forever.

But the talk did not last long as the woman was running late, as she has to leave the event midway, to meet her own little daughter.

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Two-weeks later, the same event came. The woman in the previous event was also there. The nephew, Isaiah waved at her, then walked up to that lady and started talking to her. Later, he climbed up to her lap.

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He curled up with his head on her shoulder and fell asleep. The woman welcomed him with open arms and patted his whole time and he snoozed away.

It was a very sweet gesture. Bradley decides to post this incident and the pics of his nephew with the lady on social media. The photos are worth of thousands of words.

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