Beautiful Photoshoot Shows Sibling Love Between Three Sisters Who Are Expecting At The Same Time

Beautiful photoshoot shows true sibling love and closeness between three sisters who are all pregnant at the same time.Siblings and soon-to-be mothers Onyeka Ufere, 30, Chika Okafor, 27, and Ogechi Babalola, 26, glowed as they posed in white long dresses, delicately clutching their bumps and laughing with one another. The i-ntimate sh-ots show the tight-knit trio’s closeness at such a poignant point in their lives, when they are all experiencing pregnancy together, as well as sharing the anticipation of giving birth.

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Despite the sisters never expecting to carry at the same time, they believe their journeys will be easier being able to share it with one another. The sisters are all due to give birth to their four children within months of one another.

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Onyeka, who chose not to find out the s-ex of her babies until her gender reveal next month, is due to deliver her second pair of twins and the other sisters will give birth to baby boys. They say the experience was reminiscent of growing-up together as they helped one another to do their make-up, hair and ready themselves.

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They were photographed on Manhattan Beach, California, by Cynthia Onyejiji, 32, who has known the sisters for more than 25 years. Onyeka, who works for an oil and gas company, said: ‘It was never in our plans to become pregnant together, sharing something like this with my sisters never crossed my mind.

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‘I envisioned being the major support for them in their marriages and pregnancies, but I never imagined this. ‘But being able to go through it together makes the happiness and craziness of pregnancy a lot easier. ‘Being in my home together it was like when we were younger and living in our parents’ home. ‘In that moment it felt like we were at a sister sleepover, it transpired onto the pictures and showed our chemistry.

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