Blue Ivy Wore A Custom Jacket And $891 Fendi Boots To A Lakers Game, And We Have To Stan – Video


Blue Ivy is now a full grown star and a celebrity. She is a style queen, and no wonder it has to be that way, once your mom is Beyonce.

She is an 8 year old wonder and she was enjoying a Lakers game against the Clippers this Sunday, and the internet exploded. Along with her dad the rapper Jay Z, they both were seen watching the game.

It was after a long time that the media could spot both the dad-daughter duo together after a long time and they did not want to miss the moment.

So the media made the best of it.

In her best of fashion the girl was dressed in a jean-jacket which had the words ‘ blue is my name’ printed in bold across the back of the jacket. She wore a pair of tights and a pair of Fendi boots.

While Blue has a wardrobe full of designer duds, she is very choosy to select her attire for the day or for any special occasion for that purpose.

She manages to look as the coolest 8 year old in her age group.

She completes her attire with the finishing touches like the Fendi boots or the combat boots, unicorn headbands and playful colors.

At this age she has a line of designers who wait upon her and a line of makeup artists who are waiting on her to make her presentable. Of course when you have a mom like Beyonce and a dad like Jay Z then these are the least that can be expected of you.

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