Boy Washes Cars All Summer To Make Money For School Supplies And Clothes, So Neighbors Surprise Him.

Flashback to your childhood summer breaks before school — days of swimming in the crystal blue pool, laying in the grass and lounging without responsibilities. As the inevitable new school year approached, the excitement for back-to-school shopping swept over you as you thought about new classes, new clothes, new supplies and a new year. Soon enough, you were waltzing into Staples or another supplies store to look at your options! Maybe you went with your parents or grandparents or another family member, like the young children who went school shopping with their military uncle after their mom passed away and were blessed by an elderly couple in the process.

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When the uncle could only afford to take them to Dollar Tree, one woman named Angela O’Neal Jacks attempted to assist in their shopping process, while an elderly couple also stepped up and decided to pay for all their shopping needs by taking them to Wal-Mart.

One little boy named Javari went to great lengths to prepare to go back to school over his summer vacation.

Young Javari has multiple siblings — Terren, Nate and Ayanna — and his mother, Schancy Armstrong, was not in a good place to supply every child with all the supplies and clothing they would need to go back to school.

Especially being young in elementary and middle school, each year brings not only new classes, but also new growth spurts. So things like shirts, shoes and pants are extremely vital for being presentable and comfortable in the new school year.

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So in his community of Eatonville, Florida, Javari decided to be resourceful and wash cars for $20 a piece in order to raise money for school supplies.

One engaged couple — Jessica Detrick and Jonathan Haltam — lives in the same neighborhood as Javari and his family, so they noticed his dedicated efforts and heard his story. They decided to give back and help supply Javari with what he needed on Aug. 8.

“This morning a boy knocked on my door asking to wash my car for $20. Instantly I said yes because I’m a sucker for kids. Jonathan Haltam and I proceeded to ask him what he was saving his money up for, he replied ‘school supplies and school clothes’ breaking our hearts into a million pieces we knew we wanted to do more for him,” Detrick posted.

“The owner of my job Jon Proechel helped me get my shift covered for tonight and donate $100 towards helping javari get school things!!!!”

Detrick went on in the post to explain the specific items Javari needed, as well as his siblings’ needs. She also mentioned Javari’s aspirations and goals, as well as the fact that he is entering his freshman year of high school — an incredibly nerve-wracking time.

So in addition to this post, Detrick attached a video of her and her fiance bringing supplies to Javari after receiving donations from her boss.

The pure joy and gratitude on Javari’s face is heartwarming as this incredible couple gifts him with quality school supplies. But this generous couple didn’t stop there.

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Detrick decided to create a Facebook fundraiser for Javari’s family. Detrick posted that “(h)is younger siblings are still in need. After receiving such positivity on (her) post (she has) decided to create this to make it easier for people to help.”

And she did grant an immense amount of help to this lovely family. In just six days, they were able to raise $4,410 by just 213 people. Javari’s mother posted on the page to share her gratitude and give an update with a picture attached.

“Hello everyone I thought it would be great to show you a picture of the children you all are fund for this entire school year. This is truly a blessing to my family. Javari, Terren, Nate and Ayanna thank you from the bottom of their hearts. As mom I thank each of you, this is a major break,” she stated.

“To everyone who donated thank you and to everyone who wanted to give but couldn’t. May God bless you all abundantly. I will be paying it forward. Do unto others as you have them do unto you. Praise God for this miracle. A special thanks to Jessica Detrick and Jonathan Haltam again may God bless you where He see fit.”

When the video of their generosity was shared on Rumble, Detrick shared, “Jonathan and I had help from others growing up, and we wanted to do for him what people have done for us.”

What a wonderful act of generosity and love from this engaged couple! It is encouraging to see the small acts of joy that make such an immense difference in just one family. Thank you to Jessica and Jonathan, and thank you to Javari and his family for showing dedication, hope and love!

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