Check Out These Shocking Facts About Donald Trump’s Family

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is the most controversial president the US has had in a long time – he may even be the MOST controversial president of all time. I’ll let history judge that. In any case, there is a lot of stuff written about him online, but not everything you are going to read is the truth. That’s why today I bring you an article explaining the 15 most surprising things you can learn about the Donald and his family. Check it out:

#Donald Trump Jr. – His Oldest Son

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Donald Trump Jr. is the President’s eldest son, aged 39. His mother is Trump’s first wife, who you all probably know – Ivana Zelnickova – aka “Ivana Trump.” What is interesting is that, just like his father, Jr. also has five kids of his own.

#His Wife is a Former Model

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The similarities don’t end with the number of kids Jr. has – his wife is also a former model, called Vanessa Haydon – similar to Trump’s current wife, Melania Trump. Along with his brother Eric, he acts as the main Executive Vice President of “The Trump Organization.”

#He Attended the Same University as Trump

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This may be getting a bit off-hand, but Junior even attended the same university as Trump. It’s as if his entire childhood was pre-planned so that he could be made into the perfect Trump clone. Rich people do stuff like this – after all, they have all the time and money in the world.

#This is Junior, at a Younger age

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Here you can see a photo of Junior when he was younger – he had a very different haircut back then. This photo was taken when he attended the University of Pennsylvania, the place where he earned his Bachelor Degree of Science in Economics.

#He Lived In a Truck

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Actually, never mind the photo – he has a much darker past. After his graduation, he went away for a year. In this period he fished, skied, hunted and lived in a truck while working as a bartender – so he was quite the adventurer.

#His Controversial African Hunting Trip

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Back in 2012, Junior found himself in some controversy – photos of him taking a hunting trip to Africa had become viral, and some people didn’t like him because of those photos – even if the hunt was legal, there were animals killed.

#He Spent 6-8 Weeks Every Summer in Czechoslovakia

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Here is a little-known fact – Donald Trump Jr. spend 6-8 weeks every summer in Czechoslovakia, where he learned to speak fluent Czech, his mother’s native language. The only sad thing about this is that Czechoslovakia doesn’t exist anymore – in broke up back in the 90’s.

#He Returned in 2001

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After Donald Trump Jr. returned home from his year-long absence in Aspen, his mother told reporters: “When they turned 21, I handed them over to him and said, ‘Here’s the finished product.'” They are a very interesting family!

#Ivanka Trump

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Ivanka Trump is 35 years old, so she is Trump’s second eldest kid. She is his only daughter and was raised Presbyterian, just like her father. However, she converted to Judaism in July 2009 after she married Jared Kushner.

#She is a Model

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Just like her mother, Ivana Trump, Ivanka is also a model. Of course, she doesn’t do it for the money – she has more than enough from running Trump’s company and selling her own line of fashion accessories. I guess it’s a hobby for her.

#She is Best-Selling Author

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She is not only a model, and a businesswoman, but she is also a best-selling author – where does she find the time to do everything? I’m part-time employed as a writer, and still, some days hardly find enough time to do some weight lifting!

#She Attended the Same University

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Just as the rest of the Trump family, she also attended the University of Pennsylvania, where she got a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics in 2004. Afterwards, she formed a partnership with “Dynamics Diamonds Corp” in 2007 and started selling her own line of jewelry.

#Publishing “The Trump Card”

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In 2009, Ivanka published her first book, “‘The Trump Card: Playing to win in work and life.” I don’t recommend you buy this book – if you want to learn about success, you should just imitate what successful people do – it is much more effective than reading theory.

#Eric Trump

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Eric is “just” 33-years old and is Trump’s third child and second son. He wanted to follow his father’s success, yet he is one of the only kids in the Trump family that did not go to the same University as their father – which is quite weird.

#He Appeared as a Judge on the “Apprentice”

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Few people know that Eric appeared as a judge on his father’s hit reality show – the “Apprentice.” Anyway, just like his brother, Eric now serves as an Executive Vice President of “The Trump Organization,” and is also leading the “Eric Trump Foundation.”
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