Childless Aunts Are The Most Undervalued Women In America

Aunts are the best friend, we have in our childhood. They spend time with us while we grow up. They buy us presents and play with us. They take us out and always have time for us. My aunt wants to be a mom, but she could not conceive. That was hurting my aunt deeply, though she was trying to smile in front of everyone and spending time with me and my family, but deep inside she was sad. One day, my mom said to me, that it was easy for my aunt to spend time and play with me as she was not busy changing my diapers full day.

But, I found it to be wrong and rude as my aunt has also done her part of the job by changing my diapers while I was with her playing.

People often tell her “You will never understand true love until you have your own baby”. But she understands and felt love with me and loved me as her own baby. But the society didn’t accept, but judged her and lowers her value on the fact that she cannot have her own baby.

I don’t understand the fact, why becoming a mother is so important in our society and is considered as the only source of happiness. But the real fact is, the parents are less happy then the non-parents. Researchers have found that non-mothers made families happy. They are happy when they see that they are still accepted in their families even though they cannot conceive. Parents let them spend time with their children and have more time for each other. If a person is happy they will also keep their family and the people around them happy.

Aunties support parents and take care of their children when they are away, that way the parents can lower their burden of responsibilities for some time and can enjoy, which make them happy. Aunties are like the second mother for us as they support the parents emotionally and financially.

They spend time with children, become their friends, understands them and can guide them. They spend a quality time with children and have a positive influence on them. Therefore, aunties play a major role in the happiness of the family.

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