‘I consider Myself A Black Women,’ Says Paris Jackson Daughter Of Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson, 18-year-old, lost her father when she was 11. She reveals that she is an African-American because her father always told her she was. In an interview she opens up, the King of Pop is not her biological father. Her white skin, bleach blond hair and light eyes don’t resemble anyone in the Jackson family, but she looks like a Finnish girl So, it is hard to believe that she is Jackson’s daughter.

But, she said, Jackson always called her his daughter and her dad never says lie to her.

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She considers herself black because her dad uses to point at her and say, “You are black and be proud of your roots.” She compared her looks with the TV actor Wentworth Miller, who is a biracial child. She said she resembles her complexion with the TV actor, who has a black father and white mom.

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Paris and her siblings always have doubts that Michael is their biological child, but still, they never admit it. She said, “He is my father and will always be my father.

He was and he will always be”. She added, “People who knew him well, they say they see him in me, that is the scariest part”.

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She said in spite of being Michael daughter, their childhood was normal and also,they had to be good at school. If they were good, they are rewarded with watching movies or can see animals. Her father was very open-minded. When she was 8-years-old, she was in love with a female on the magazine cover.

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Instead of shouting at me, as other parents do, he was making fun of her and said, “Oh, you got yourself a girlfriend.” His focus was on giving us education and loving us unconditionally..

She also revealed that she struggled with d-rugs and su-icidal also survived many attempts. She was s-xually as-saulted many times.

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