Cop Catches Young Girl St-ealing $2 Shoes & Decides To Take Her Home. When He Looks Inside His Heart Drops

The Milton, a PD officer in Atlanta was called by a storekeeper when a 12-year-old girl was caught shoplifting a pair of $2 shoes. He reached the shop and after knowing the whole situation, he was thinking why would a girl steal such cheap shoes? He asked the girl, “why you took the shoes?” The little girl said she took them for her little 5 year old sister, her family cannot afford shoes for her. The only reason was to help her sister.

Surprised Milton, decided to go to girl’s house and see their living conditions. He took her to her house and was hor-rified of what he saw there.

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They were a family of six people. They had nothing to eat and don’t even have enough furniture. This little girl was the eldest of all her siblings. He didn’t charge her, instead brought 4 pizzas and 2 large drinks for the whole family. He also notified Georgia’s family and Children’s services about this family and their condition.

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Later, the police department decided to raise funds for the family. So, they posted the story on social media and their drop-off locations. The people on social media praise the officer for helping the needy ones.

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Milton did set an example for all of us. If he had taken the girl in custody, the outcome would be so much different for the family and the girl, then that of now. Thankfully we have such people around us.

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