D e a d Dad Sends Flowers Every Year On Daughter’s Birthday. Then One Year, Final Note Delivered

There is no experience in life that can prepare us for the sadness of laying one of our closest loved ones to rest. We cannot even begin to appreciate the magnitude of the sadness that we will feel in these situations until we have actually gone through them ourselves. In some instances, our loved ones may not feel the same amount of pain that they normally would if we take the time to plan properly. That is what the father in this story did. His daughter Bailey was just 16 years old when he passed away from pancreatic cancer and there was so much that he was going to miss. He knew that the years to come were going to be difficult for his daughter and decided to plan accordingly.

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He was not going to allow the upcoming milestones to come and go…even if he could not be there to see them in person. He ordered a bouquet of flowers to be sent to his daughter on each of her birthdays until she turned 21. When she took a picture of the flowers that he had sent and tweeted it out to her followers on Twitter, she never could have expected that the bittersweet post would actually go viral. We are sure that her dad was smiling down from heaven that day.

The post has been shared millions of times since and anyone who has ever laid a parent to rest at a young age can certainly relate to it. Bailey’s flowers also include a handwritten note from her father. He is letting her know that he does not want her to cry any more tears for him. He is resting up in a better place until they are able to meet one another again.

Bailey is now able to move forward in life and she knows that her father is always watching over her. While he may not be present in a tangible sense, he is still with her at all times. He is given his daughter the fuel that she needs to achieve all that she can in life and the fact that he is doing it from beyond the g r a v e makes this story even more incredible.

If this story touched your heart in the same manner as it did ours, we would like to urge our readers to share away. As an added bonus, the comments that she received on her tweet will go a long way towards restoring your faith in social media. It is great to see people coming together and sharing their feelings instead of arguing all the time!

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