‘This Is My Dad, Mowing My Mom’s Lawn. They’ve Been Divorced 28 Years.’

God intended marriages to be for a lifetime, but when it ends, it causes extreme damages to their families. Divorces can cause harm, especially when kids are involved. They are sobbed between two parents, who they love a lot. But Codie LaChelleMcPhate’s parents are following a new culture, a new route of doing things, after their post-divorce. They have promised each other, that even after divorce, they will respect each other and help each other in any way possible. Codie’s dad is living up to his promise, even after 28 years of divorce. He comes to Texas for a vacation to meet his children.

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Codie, shared the picture of her dad on social media, mowing her mom’s lawn, to help his ex-wife. The mother has bad knees and cannot step out and the stepdad, works out of town. This is co-parenting.

Codie addresses herself to be the luckiest person, who have four parents to look after her and his siblings. The top priority of the parents is to look after their children, even ones that are 32-years-old. They show their children how to treat people, how to love your family.

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She said, “My father was on vacation with me in Texas, he does not live where my mom lives, yet still he did this, selflessly, while he was on his vacation. He didn’t do this for recognition, but to help my mom.”

She continued, “At the time of divorce, they decided that they will treat each other with respect and compassion even after divorce because no matter how it ended, there was one time, when they both loved each other a lot and that love – counts for something. If they want their children, grown up to be good and kind people, then they have to become such kind of person.

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