DJ Khaled Says He Doesn’t Go Down on His Wife Because There Are ‘Different Rules for Men’

Social media connects people. People are openly sharing their views about the world here. Some people are sharing their personal stories. It is important for a person to express their views. Sometimes the expression goes far beyond the expectation. This can lead to unwanted reactions of strangers. There are many roasting incidents took place on social media. Many celebrities faced its outburst.

Roasting is the funny way to put oneself down and show him and mirror. People mostly take it lightly but sometimes it can become seriously thoughtful.

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DJ Khaled a musician is also popular for his social awareness on the internet. He motivates many people on social media. But he too provided the reason for his own roast. During the interview session of The Breakfast Club, he expresses his shallow views on oral lovemaking.

A 42-year musician thinks that man is a king and woman is a queen. According to him, women please a man with her lovemaking art. He is not at all fond of providing o-al s-x to his wife. In the show he stated that there are different rules for men and women. He thinks himself as a king who get the service.

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His view of oral sex and overall male-female relationship made people angry. People started to roast him on the internet. People found different ways to interpret his meaning. One tweeter user stated that “I don’t believe for a second that there is something that he doesn’t eat”

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