Dr. Dre’s Estranged Wife Nicole Young Wants To Force Three Of His Alleged Mis-tresses To Testify In Bid To Overturn Their Prenup In Bitter $1 Billion Divorce – Video


Dr. Dre’s estranged wife Nicole Young is trying to force three of his claimed mistresses to spill on her soon-to-be-ex husband, court documents claim.

The women, singer Jillian Speer, model-turned-skin care entrepreneur Kili Anderson and Crystal Rogers, aka Crystal Sierra – who is known as the ‘Queen of Latin hip-hop’ – have all been named in the latest court filing in the bitter divorce.

But all three are quarrel Nicole’s legal efforts to subpoena them as witnesses in the legal with Dre after 24 years of marriage. The couple’s nasty quarrel over the music tycoon’s estimated $1billion empire centers on a pre-marital agreement they signed in 1996.

Dre, 55, says the agreement still exists, while Nicole, 50, insists he tore it up in front of her after they married in a romantic gesture.

Dre – real name Andre Young – wants a Los Angeles Superior judge to determine whether the prenup is valid and enforceable. And until that ruling is made, he maintains that his business records – which Nicole has filed subpoenas to obtain – are none of her business. Nicole is also trying to subpoena depositions from the three women who she claimed are former lovers of the hip-hop mogul, but they have all hired lawyer Kris LeFan to quarrel it.

LeFan, who Tuesday filed a motion to quash the subpoenas, said none of the women has ‘information relevant to the enforceability’ of the pre-marital agreement.LeFan’s new court filings for all three women don’t go into detail on whether they had affairs with Dre. But the attorney said: ‘Any extra marital affair would be irrelevant because California is a no-fault divorce state and in a pleading or proceeding for dissolution of marriage or legal separation of the parties, including depositions and discovery proceedings, evidence of specific acts of misconduct is improper and inadmissible.’

Reports surfaced in 2013 that Dre had hoodwink on Nicole with Kili Anderson, a one-time model who now is co-owner of a natural skin care brand called Skin and Senses. Dre vehemently denied the claim at the time.Baltimore-born Crystal Rogers co-wrote the song Got Me Open, which was included in Dre’s compilation album The Aftermath in 1996. Jillian Speer, 41, is a singer, songwriter and musician from Seattle, WA. She released an album called Deeper This Way in 2016.

The divorce has become more and more contentious since Nicole filed at the end of June this year.Last month Dre charge his wife of convicted conduct in ‘embezzling’ more than $350,000 from one of their bank accounts. And in early October, Nicole asked a judge to order Dre to pay $1.5 million for various expenses, including her security, plus $5 million toward her attorney fees and other costs. Both requests were denied. Last week Nicole charge her estranged husband in court documents of ‘rampant and repeated marital misconduct.’

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Jewel Shears – Not sure if there was a prenuptial agreement, but if it wasn’t, work out the reasonable settlement, and move the hellNot sure if there was a prenuptial agreement, but if it wasn’t, work out the reasonable settlement, and move the hell on? Why is she still trying to get what’s not rightly hers. If the marriage, lasted for 10 years, she is entitled, to a portion, 10 years of marriage is also important for Social Security derivative benefits. If you have been married for 10 years, you may be able to collect benefits from your spouse if 1) you aren’t remarried; 2) your earned income benefits are less; and 3) your ex-spouse is over age 62. Good to Be Financially Independent in addition to being married for 10 years, the spouse asking for maintenance will need to prove that she lacks sufficient property to provide for her minimum reasonable needs, and that such spouse cannot support herself because of her own disability, or her lack of earning capacity
Actually there’s nothing wrong with her ability to make money, she’s just greedy!!

Bijou Reed – Lord I can understand what she’s going through internally.

It’s so easy to go off the rails when you’re in this situation. All I can say is Emotional Trauma is shocking Lord I can understand what she’s going through internally. It’s so easy to go off the rails when you’re in this situation. All I can say is Emotional Trauma is shocking treat it. She needs to allow her attorneys to do their job and go heal. Attorneys who handle high profile high dollar divorces know exactly what to do.

Kary Fowler – She KNEW the type of man she was married to. I am sure he didn’t just start having these tendencies. If the life she had wasn’t equal to the life he provided for her; she needs to figure it out on her own..

Siana’s Praise – Judges care nothing about mistresses unless there is an infidelity clause in their prenup, which I doubt. If she was still married to her first husband when she got involved with Dre, as some claim, this will blow up in her face. Does she deserve to be homeless? No, BUT she shouldn’t get half. Maybe enough for a few years to start over and WORKING again as an attorney.

There are no minor kids involved and she has the ability to earn. Girl bye! What were you doing for 20 years with the money you were getting within the marriage?

Brian Steele – What is she trying to prove that she needed a divorceWhat is she trying to prove that she needed a divorce, OK you right…but if this is over money that woman was not his business partner, paid on anything so walk the leave him alone now she becoming the stalker and abuser…get your own money’s he is not responsible for her, that what divorce means … Leave with what she brought…or shows financial investment in he had paid people working the properties…she was realized her mistake..sounds like the suffer got a lot of mouth for somebody scared for her life that called the cops saying he is degrading, smh liar…

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