Girl Thinks Cashier Is ‘Moana’ Character, And He Has The Best Response [Video]

Two sisters went to the Hawaii supermarket and found a real-life version of Moana character, Maui there. His is a cashier at Costco his name is William. William has a striking resemblance to the Moana Demigod from Moana. The eight-year and five-year-old 2 sisters were shopping with their mom and spotted William at the cash counter. Suddenly they shouted, “That’s Maui”. They were chanting Maui’s name and start insisting their mother that heis Maui, who do a part-time job here.

As soon as they reach the cash counter the kids get really excited.William starts talking with the girls.

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The mom took out her mobile to capture the moment which became viral on social media.

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In the video, he asked the girls, what they think who he is and tells them to come alongside…

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As soon as they come near him, he performs his signature catchphrase, “Chee-hoo”. He was pretty good performing “chee-hoo”, as he was not doing it for the first time.

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He has been mistaken many times for being Maui by the kids, But he always plays along with them, to make their day.

As the kids become very excited when they get to meet one of the characters of Moana.

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