My Girlfriend Donated Her Kidney To Save Me, But I’m No Longer In Love With Her Anymore, What Do I Do?

A 32 years old man shared his story on social media, seeking some relationship advice in this case. He is torn between two situations. If he should leave her girlfriend or in other cases, marry her without having any feelings for her. His girlfriend is 31 years old. They had been in a relationship from the past 5 years now and are living together in a nice house in Chicago.

Some months ago, he has serious medical issues and at that time, no one helped him, except his girlfriend. She donated him one of her kidneys to save his life.

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However, things are now changing. He doesn’t feel much love for her and feels like they don’t belong to each other anymore. But he does appreciate her for saving his life. He would never be able to pay her back. He knows this woman deserves loyalty. The kidney transplant did change his life for the better. That’s why he couldn’t decide, what he should do.

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He is torn and conflicted between two situations. If he stays with her, he will feel trapped in a loveless relationship and also the women will never be happy in such a relationship. But, if he breaks up with her, he will be known as an evil person for dumping someone who loved him a lot and literally put everything in her life on the line just to save him.

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