Here’s What the Color of Your Pee Says About Your Health

There are several ways to check someone’s health just by looking at them. One such way is the urine test. Urine is not only a way to remove harmful toxins and extra fluids from your body but it is also a mirror of your health. Doctors do the urine test to diagnose many problems such as liver problems, kidney disorders, infections, and diabetes. It can also be used to check the usage of drugs and also for the pregnancy test. It can also be tested for sugars, proteins, hormones or any other chemical. While urinating, you should keep an eye on its color, density, and smell. It can be in different colors according to your health from deep amber to light straw color.

Here is the list of all colors and their effects on your body.

1. Transparent (No color):


It means that your body has a large amount of water. You must cut down the amount of water, you are drinking. Drinking much water loses essential minerals like magnesium, which can cause irritability and anxiety.

2. Pale Straw color:


You are normal, well hydrated and healthy.

3. Transparent yellow:


You are normal. A little yellow color comes from Urochrome, a substance which is produced at the time of breakdown of blood components.

4. Amber or Honey:


It means that the urine is concentrated and the body is not getting enough water, it is exhausted. Time to drink some water or liquids urgently.

5. Dark Yellow:


Your condition is normal but somewhat need hydration. You can drink some water or fluids.

6. Syrup or Brown ale:


It means either you have the liver problem or your body is dehydrated. See a doctor and drink water.

7. Orange:


You are not drinking enough water. You might be having a bile duct condition. Or it is a food dye. Contact your doctor.

8. Pink to reddish:


Recently, have you eaten any blueberries, beets or rhubarb? If not then there is blood in your urine. You might be suffering from kidney disease, tract infections, tumors, prostate problem. It can be anything. It can even be mercury or lead poisoning. Contact a doctor as soon as possible.

9. Blue or Green:


This is a genetic disease because of which the urine is turned into blue or green. There is a change that some bacteria have infected the urinary tract. It can be food dye or medication. See your doctor.

10. Foaming or fizzy:


If the foaming is occasional, then it is harmless, just a hydraulic effect. It indicates excess protein in your diet and also kidney problem. But if it is regular, see a doctor.

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