Hobby Lobby “Offensive” Decoration Goes Nuts After Texas Girl Spots It, Snaps Pic

A customer, Danielle Rider found an offensive decoration at Hobby Lobby. She shared the image on social media and requested them to remove it from the shelves. People do love Hobby Lobby and walk out with lighter wallets and heavy bags. But this time Rider from Killen, Texas had a different experience. She was not happy with one of the decoration and posted a pic on Facebook with an eye-catchy caption. The decoration is vases filled with realistic looking cotton stems.

The image was captioned with, “This décor is so wrong on many levels.” There is nothing decorative about a raw cotton.

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A commodity which was gained at the expense of African-American slaves. A little sensitivity goes a long way. Please remove this décor.” People on social media had some mixed emotions on Rider’s request. Many people agreed with her while other say, she is doing this just for publicity. It was her own sensitivity and it is the dumbest demand they have ever seen.

Something similar happened when Randy Lowry, president of Lipscomb University used the same decoration as a centerpiece on his dinner table and invited African-American students over dinner. The students didn’t like the décor and one of the students even called the decoration “Fallish”.

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Later the president wrote an email to the university saying that the decoration was offensive and he apologizes for the anger, discomfort, and disappointment that has been caused and asked for forgiveness.” Rider and students all found this particular decoration offensive and poor taste especially when African Americans are involved. What do you think about this Cotton Stem Decoration?

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