Hurricane Map Has Some Unfortunate Graphics And The Comment Section Is Gold

We could all use a little levity with Hurricane Florence barreling relentlessly toward the east coast. Of course, the first concern is everyone in its path evacuating safely and finding shelter, but in tracking the storm’s progress, the internet discovered a graphic that was basically comedy gold. The Facebook page for National Hurricane Updates issued a warning yesterday regarding certain zones where bad damage may occur as Hurricane Florence hits. It was all very weather-y and science-y, that is, until you notice the included graphic. The very helpful image was meant to demonstrate the powerful storm’s trajectory, but instead, inadvertently terrified everyone into thinking a giant schlong was heading straight for the Carolina and Virginia coasts.

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Yes ignore those numbers, girl — they will likely increase. Giggity gigitty. Sorry I’m like this.

The page’s administrator’s claim they had no idea they were putting this big ol’ dick out into the world, and if that’s truly the case, bless their hearts. But if they really were just trolling in the hopes of keeping spirits up during a very scary time, bless them even more — because we as a nation needed this.

Of course, it wasn’t at all lost on Facebook commenters who immediately noticed the huge member about to just plow into North Carolina.

Lisa makes a point, as we all know what happens when people are cooped up indoors waiting out a storm. Or a huge wiener aimed directly at coastal North Carolina.

It had to be said.

At least she’s bringing protection?

But as Kimberly points out, this storm hopefully won’t be around for very long.

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