After Husband P a s s e s Away, Wife Puts Up Sign. Garbage Men Stop To Tell Her The Truth About Him

Charlie Poveromospends his nights working as a bar-tender while during the day he helps people as much as he can. One day, he saw some sanitation workers sweating because of summer heat. They were battling with the heat along with some construction workers and other employees. He hurriedly ran to the kitchen and grabbed a bunch of plastic cups and a big jug of water to serve them. The workers appreciated him for quenching their thirst. It was then, he decided to help them and went to the store. He filled his cooler with ice and water bottles.

He also added some food packets and juice for them. He said to the workers, “From now on, my cooler will always be full and available to you guys, for all summer long”.

The present day, 8 years later, the couple, Velvet and Charlie had been married for 37 years now. Charlie has already pa-ssed away 3-months-ago because of a heart attack. As soon as summer rolled in again, the first thing that came to her mind was water bottles. Despite the overwhelming grief, she decided to honor her husband and continue his tradition. So, she rushes to the store to fill her cooler with ice and bottles. When workers came and looked in the cooler, they found a note saying, “My husband Charlie, pa-ssed away on 10th March at the age of 57. I will do my best to continue providing bottled water.”

After reading this, the workers were overwhelmed and decided to do something special for the lady’s generosity. Soon a garbage truck arrived and stopped in front of her house. Some men along with the driver stepped off the truck and they all stood in one line. They stood in front of her house and saluted their home and Velvet. Then each man came forward, gave her a hug and tell her how sorry they were.

They appreciated what Charlie had done to them 8 years ago. Then each of them took a water bottle and climbed back on the truck and gave a loud beep as they drove away. When people came to know about the couple and their special treat, they decided to follow their concept and established coolers in front of their home. It is now located across the country. Though Charlie is no longer with her, Velvet knows that he is watching over her smiling, for keeping his special legacy alive.

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