Instead Of Her Wedding Vows, A Bride Read Out Her Cheating Fiancé’s Texts

She was getting ready for the happiest day of her life…then she got a text from her fiance’s mistress. The night before her wedding day, Casey was drinking and celebrating her nuptials. She couldn’t wait to marry Alex. In the middle of drinks and dancing at a luxury hotel, she received a text message that read: “I wouldn’t marry him. Will you?” Casey shared the entire ordeal on Whim. The text messages didn’t stop pouring in. Casey received message-after-message between her fiance and this mystery woman. Casey recalled that the photos and text exchanges were dated from months ago to just days before.

Some of her fiance’s words were:

“This weekend. You and I. It is on hot stuff. Bring your A game.”

“Your body is f*****g incredible. And s**t do you know how to use it. I wish my GF had half the skills you do.”

“I miss you so much. I can’t stop thinking about L, S, F’ing you. I’ve never had this kind of connection before.”

Casey went into a tailspin as she shared the news with her girlfriends. Eventually, they all called it a night, but Casey says she did not get any sleep. By morning, she decided she was going to “go ahead with the wedding as expected, and ‘out’ him in front of our friends and family.” And out him she did!

Casey walked down the aisle in her “costume” dress and faced her friends and family.

“There will be no wedding today,” she told her invited guests. She cried as she read through every single text that she received from Alex’s mistress.

Alex left the church, with his best man following behind him – as their audience looked on in awe.

“I love all of you and as horrible as this is I’m glad you all are here,” Casey addressed the remaining guests. “There will not be a wedding reception today, but instead, there will be a celebration of honesty, finding true love and following your heart even when it hurts.”

Casey wrote that the party was a success.

How would you cancel the wedding after finding out the day before that your fiance has been cheating on you for months?

Folks rallied behind the scorned woman on Twitter. Some calling the woman brave, while other people praised her for her level of pettiness.

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