Jay-z’s Vacation Photo Has Turned Into The Most Hilarious Meme Of The Summer

As much as we may love social media, we have to admit that endlessly scrolling through our Twitter and Insta feeds doesn’t really bring much enrichment to our lives. Every now and then we may see a cute dog or a funny text post, but – other than spending a few hours and giving us repetitive strain in our thumbs – there’s not much we get out of it. But sometimes, when the stars are aligned and the gods of social media smile down on everyone, the internet presents us with a gift that we never even knew we wanted – a gift so beautiful that we feel compelled to share it with everyone, to spread its joy and invite others to bask in its glory. And today, that gift is Jay-Z on a jetski.

The whole charade started when someone pointed out how unhappy the rapper looked while on vacation with Beyonce, but it only got funnier from there. With each new meme, the Jay-Z jet ski (Jay-Ski? Jet-Z?) image just got better and better…

Despicable Jay-Z

Rihanna vs Jay-Z

Jay-Z at the fair

Classic meme format Jay-Z

Jay-Z finds his doppelganger

Jay-Z dodging blue shells

Beyonce did it better (as usual)

Needless to say, Jay-Z probably won’t be hopping back on the jet ski anytime soon after seeing all these tweets about himself. But, hey, at least we enjoyed the ride.

Content Credit: vt.co

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