The Kardashians Are Worth Over $1 Billion. But They Want You To Work For Them For Free.

The net worth of Kardashian-Jenner family is over $1 billion. According to Forbes, Kylie Jenner is the richest, having the worth over $900 million. While Rob Kardashian is the poorest, barely having $10 million worth. The rich people know the best way to stay rich and to keep their filthy lucre to themselves. This is the way, employees of Jenner Communications are following. They are keeping their money to themselves and not helping anyone.

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Recently, they posted a job on, which shows that the Kardashians are looking for an unpaid intern, who can wrap gifts, help in organizing home, help with kids toys and motorized cars etc and can also run with errands, local and city. The intern should be school student.

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They said, it is an unpaid internship and the intern will receive the credit through school only. They prefer someone living in Los Angeles who can work full time for them and also owns a car. The social media out-raged on this post.

People at Reddit find out another similar post from Jenner Communications, which was posted a month back, where they again need an unpaid intern, who can also help with dog and help in grocery shopping along with the present post qualities.

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A former intern wrote, “Stay far, far away. The people working there are incredibly mean, they don’t help anyone and no one cares for you, nor they train you properly.” Another former intern rated the experience as “Horrible” and said people there are not nice at all and were snobby. So, don’t get caught in the trap, who think they will work for America’s royal family for free. Be warned, the reviews for Jenner Communications are terrible.

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