Kids Invite Mom And Dad To Dance Class And Parents Shocked Them With Impressive Moves [Video]

Some moms have no rhythm at all and couldn’t pull off anything more than some square dance moves if their lives depended on it. But others just play dumb until the right opportunity presents itself. Moms love to surprise their kids at school pep rallies or, in the case of this mom, at a dance convention. But why don’t we ever (or hardly ever) bring you videos of parents and kids cutting a rug together? Finally we can. Phil Wright, a choreographer at the International Dance Academy in Hollywood, California. Filmed this gem last fall and you seriously can not help smiling and laughing through the whole thing!

Phil invited the family members of his students, including moms, dads, siblings, even one Mom-and-Dad set to come and bust a move at the studio.

And he deserves a massive shout-out for pulling it all together! The song is Earth Wind & Fire’s 1981 hit, “Let’s Groove,” which is precisely what everyone does and we’re so impressed.

What’s not to like about this? The song, the choreography, the crowd cheering them on from behind, that the older generation was even willing to get out there and let it all hang out…

Bet these young ladies didn’t think Mom had it in her. But she showed them! Think your parents could pull this off?

Oh, and speaking of dads, check out this guy, who’s out there dancing while wearing his baby! You seriously won’t find anything else today that’ll make you feel as good as you do watching this video.

So check it out below and don’t forget to share to spread more smiles!

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