Lil Wayne’s Daughter Reginae Is Reportedly Pregnant By A Well Known Rapper.

Well known rapper Lil Wayne’s 19-year-old daughter Reginae is reported to be pregnant. The father is a well-known rapper himself. He is also significantly older than her, and has two kids of his own already, so the news has been the most unexpected. The alleged father of the baby is 27 year old rapper YFN Lucci, who has been in the rap game since he was 16. Some people have questioned his capability as a parent after he posted a picture of himself with his two daughters in a car with no booster seats.

Apparently, some of Reginae’s friends have asked her to stay away from him, and also, Lil Wayne doesn’t seem too pleased with the development.

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While a pregnancy is usually caused for a celebration, this time Lil Wayne seems understandably concerned. Perhaps he is not happy with the fact that his daughter got involved with a man with a family of his own. What do you think? Do you think Lil Wayne’s stance is justified or do you think he’s being too harsh on his daughter?

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The protective instincts might be for the best for Reginae-she is pretty young, after all. She has had a fairly successful music career of her own so far. Would young motherhood change that?

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To add more drama, both Reginae and YFN Lucci were recently taken away into police charges for possible connections with a shooting and fight breakout in Tennessee

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YFN is full time in the music game. He had scored a hit with Rick Ross, called Heartless. Reginae however, is still a sophomore in Spellman college in Atlanta, Georgia. This baby is likely to not leave her with much time for studies.

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So, what is your take on it? Are you happy for her? Do you think that people criticizing her are being overly negative? Or do you think that the pessimism is justified?

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