Little Dog Interrupts Live Broadcast, But The Weatherman’s Reaction Steals The Show [Video]

The daily weather forecast is the part of the news which we do not pay attention to. As we can check it on our smartphones. Khambrel Marshall is a TV meteorologist who is best at predicting and presenting weather forecast. But he missed predicting that a cute little puppy will accompany him to predict the weather forecast. Marshall was at KPRC 2 in Housten, Texas forecasting the weather, when an unexpected guest joined him. Angel is a shelter dog and was on the set because she was in search of a new home.

The segment of Angel was set to be broadcast shortly after the weather forecast. But looks like she couldn’t wait and jumped in to join Marshall and shine like a star.

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He didn’t get amused on the shocking arrival instead handled the situation like a pro. He picked up the puppy and continued to tell the weather forecast, with the puppy in his arms. Angel turned the boring weather forecast in an adorable show of the day.

Image: Source

Marshall took one step forward and told some helpful tips and pointers to keep their puppies safe from the incoming heat wave. Angel definitely did steal the show, we hope that she finds her home, which she truly deserves. Otherwise, how about Angel make a team with Marshall? They will make a cute team isn’t? We wonder if Marshall would mind sharing the screen with the little puppy.

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