Man Overhears 2 Soldiers Whisper On Plane Grabs Flight Attendant Fast As She Suddenly Breaks Down In Tears

When fate gives us the opportunity to help someone, we should not run away from it. We should grab that chance and get it done. Denny Kukich recently got one such opportunity on a flight. He went on the flight and put his suitcase on the overhead luggage compartment and settled down on his reserved seat, with his book. He decided to a take short nap during the long flight. Soon after a group of soldiers came in and take their vacant seats surrounding Denny.

Suddenly Denny decided to have a conversation with one of the soldiers sitting close to him and asked, “Where are you headed?”

The soldier replied that they are heading to Petawawa for 2-weeks training then they will ship off to Afghanistan for deployment. One hour later, the flight attendant announced the lunch packages for $5. Denny had his own lunch. But he noticed, none of the soldiers brought the lunch and they find it too costly. Denny decided to help them and bought 10 sacks for them and paid $50 to the flight attendant.

The flight caption approached him and thanked him for his generosity. Later a stranger also stopped by him and said, “I want to be a part of it” and handed him $25.

Later when the flight erupted into applause, another stranger came to him and gave him $25. After the plane landed another passenger came and stuffed another $25 in his pocket. When Denny entered the terminal, he saw the soldiers. He headed towards them and handed them $75 for their further journey.

Denny went to his car and prayed for them. The 10 soldiers were left with the feeling of love and respect at the end of their flight journey, with all that chain of events and a wonderful act of kindness.

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