Man Pays For Stepdaughter’s Wedding, Then The Brides Real Character Shows Through That Breaks His Heart

A man posted a story of his bad relationship, which he suffered too long and received a lot of support from around the world. He posted about his daughter who was getting married in the near month. Her mother and the man have been living together for 10 years now, still, they aren’t married. The mother still loves her daughter’s real father and want him back in her life. From time to time he pops up in their life and the daughter fawn all over him.

He hasn’t contributed a single cent for his daughter’s education and neither for her marriage. The step-dad has taken care for her and paid $40k for her studies.

He also bought a car for her and now taking care of her marriage expenses too. The wedding venue holds 250 people max. The step-dad gave the mother a list of 20 people which he wants to invite, as he was paying for everything, it’s his right.

She told him no problem and will take care of it. So, he told his friends about the wedding and they will receive the invitation soon. A few days later, he asked one of his friends if he was coming to the wedding, but he said he didn’t receive an invitation and show him all his emails from the past 6 months.

Soon, he also finds out that his name was nowhere on the invitation and only had the real dad and mom’s names on it. He went back home and had a fight with the mother. She answered if some people out of 250 didn’t come, she will let those 20 people in. The man got hurt and was very angry. Next day, was the Sunday dinner, were future father-in-law’s family and a “special guest” arrived. Yes, it was her real de-ad. The daughter went up, makes a toast and announced that he will come to the wedding and will give her away.

All the guests there cheered for her. The man felt very disrespected. He gets up from his chair and makes a toast. He said that he owes a debt of gratitude to the bride and groom. Today her stepdaughter showed him, his position in the family. He thought himself to be the godfather for the family, but he was just an ATM for them. As he had been replaced as a host, he is resigning his financial duties as a host to the “Real Dad”. He said, “I was spending 40-50 grand for the wedding, which I am not even part of and can’t even invite my 20 friends.

I transferred all my money from our joint account to my personal account last night. I called all the vendors to return my money. Many returned, but still, I am at the loss of $1500. You want your Real Dad to be on the invitation and also to give you away, then he can pay for everything too.”

One month before the wedding, the mom and daughter moved in with the groom. They are now trying to scale things back and asking the groom’s parents to help them. The mother was very angry when she tried to write a check to herself from the joint account, but later found out it was already empty.

If your partner is making you feel bad about yourself, then they do not belong in your life. Sometimes, the fear of being alone, makes you stay in a bad relationship for long. It is not easy to break away from a destructive relationship. But the man in the story was dragged to a point where it is not sustainable anymore.

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