Man Won $20K On Family Feud. When Steve Knows About His Life, He Realizes It’s Not Enough

From his fun-loving personality to his selfless kind acts, Steve Harvey is undoubtedly one of the best host on television. Though he is a big TV personality right now, but he never let the lavish lifestyle to overcome his humble beginnings. He is from a small family, where his father was a coal miner, he has seen hard times in his childhood, so he understands the feeling of not having enough.

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In 2010, he started hosting a game show named Family Feud. He has seen many contestants come and go, but one particular participant affected him deeply. The contestant was very desperate to win than any other participant. Even after playing for 3 days the contestant couldn’t win any money. He was sweating so much that Steve found it strange and deep inside he knows something is wrong.

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Finally, the contestant got lucky and won $20,000, he fell on his knees and broke into tears. Steve was surprised to see such a reaction. During the break, Steve went to him and asked him of such behavior, he replied “I am terminally ill, and have only 3-months to live and because of my illness, I cannot get insurance and I am worried about my family. I need this money for my family.” Steve got shocked on this revelation and donated $25000 from his own pocket, that was more than the man actually won on the game show.

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