McDonald’s Staffer Pummels Customer In Crazy F i g h t

This is insane. Two female staffers b e a t the crap out of another female customer for reportedly trying to steal soda, after she threw soda back on the staffer and hit her with a metal tray. And someone caught it on video:

Here’s what happened, according to TMZ:

A video posted Wednesday night shows a young lady getting into a blowout with 2 staffers at an undisclosed McDonald’s — and it’s one of the worst ass b e a t i n g s we’ve ever seen. One much taller staffer tossed the customer like a rag doll … literally.

Hair is pulled, faces are smashed, b o o b s pop out — and all of that happened to the customer. Spoiler alert: David doesn’t b e a t Goliath this time.

BTW, the person who shot the video says this was all over the customer attempting to use a water cup to sneak soda from the fountain machine.

In my younger years I used to work fast food, and regardless of the fact that chick was trying to steal soda, this is completely unacceptable. I had people try and steal soda from free water cups and you just warn them, maybe call the c o p s if need be, especially if they throw a drink on you or something. But this kind of b e a t down over a stupid drink is absolutely ridiculous.

I’d not only fire the two girls involved, but I’d call the p o l i c e myself and have them a r r e s t e d. Geez.

Sometimes I really do wonder just what this world is coming to when I see things like this. Common sense has no place in some sectors of our society anymore.

Here’s the video:


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