Meet The First African American Entrepreneur To Develop His Own 4g LTE Smart Phone

Freddie Figgers he is an inventor, computer programmer, software engineer, and entrepreneur. He is the youngest person in history to hold a FCC license, which allows him to operate his own cell phone company. Founded in Quincy, Florida, his company, Figgers Communications, has already developed and is soon to be released the FiggersF2 4G LTE smart phone. The silky technology innovation brings super-fast screen response speed, and has zero night time glare with blue light filter technology that is easy on your eyes.

Even more, the phone’s long battery life comes from the power-saving combination of the Super AMOLED display. The device comes with 5V2A quick charge technology, meaning that you can get 80% battery after just 12 minutes of charging.

Not just a phone, Freddie’s company does a lot more than just develop and sell smart phones. As a telecommunications company that is directly competing with other major networks, he also offers competitive plans.

Freddie’s background

Freddie was abandoned at birth, but was adopted by a loving family when he was just 2-days old. At the age of 9, he received a broken computer that he was able to fix within a week. When his father developed dementia and would often wonder off and get lost, Freddie designed a smart shoe for his dad with GPS tracking and a two-way communicator. By the time Freddie had turned 24-years old, he had over 80 custom software programs designed, built, and executed. Even more, he had sold every one of them.

All of this led up to him eventually launching Figgers Communications, the only Black-owned (and minority-owned) telecommunications firm in the United States that is competing with major networks like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. His company owns 4 utility patents and 2 design patents in the industry.

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