Should Men Have Changing Tables In Their Bathrooms?

In this 21st century, there are many single dads taking care of their baby like a mother, but no changing table in men’s bathroom is a major issue. Today’s generation fathers love to help their wife and not place all the burden of their child on her alone.

The whole parenting gig is a partnership after all. They have to change the diapers of their baby, just like mothers, but they face problems everywhere they go either its restaurantor some other public place. A dad has brought up a good point. Why aren’t there are changing tables in men’s bathroom just like women’s washrooms have?

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As none of the men’s bathrooms have to change tables, they either have to put their baby on the smelly and nasty floor of the men’s washroom or have to carry them on their laps to change the diapers of the baby. It is not comfortable for the baby to have a quarter of their body hung off the side. Having no baby changing table in men’s bathroom is like someone has tied their hands. The society still rolls their eyes on this demand and do not understand the need. The child deserves to be changed hygienically and dads are deserved to be treated like a full-fledged active parent. So what do you think about this issue?

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