‘To All The Men With Daughters, You Need To Love Your WIFE As You Want Your DAUGHTER To Be Loved.’

Being a mother, I get terrified just with a mere thought, that my girl will have a crush in the next few years. That little 6 pound 9-ounce princess, that was brought to me 7 years back, will probably have a crush in the next 7 years. So, we should start teaching her, what she deserves from a man, so she knows how to choose, what to choose. Relationships are hard and challenging for all. This is the best we can do for her, is to model her from now on, how a woman should be treated.

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Children in this age learn most from television shows, movies, magazines, social media and most importantly her friends. This will take her far from real and right love. Daddies are often overprotective for their daughters. So, you need to love your wife as you want your daughter to be loved! It all starts at home. Respect your wife. Smile at her, make eye contact and kiss her a lot. Praise her, encourage her and empathize her.

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Tell her often that she is beautiful inside out. The mother and daughter connection is so intertwined, that they tend to live a parallel life. You need to realize this. Your relationship with your wife is much more than just the two of you. The greatest gift a father can give to his daughter is loving her mother.

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