Mom B-reaks Down In Tears As Her Fourteen-Year-Old Son Becomes Youngest Person Ever To Graduate College In Texas!

Carson Huey-You, 14-year-old, is the youngest person ever to graduate at this age. He graduated from Texas Christian University. He was one of the 2,000 students to get the degree from Fort Worth School on Saturday. He also did minor in Math and Chinese. He really did some extraordinary achievements which have put him in history books. He is a humble person and calls himself “normal dude”.

He is a shy person and gets when people call him, a genius. His target is to get graduate and doctorate degree in quantum mechanics.

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He took admission in TCU when he was 11. He also did graduation from his high school as a co-valedictorian. In his initial days in college, it was not easy for him, but later he was intimidated by his surroundings. He said the classes were more difficult than he thought especially history, classical mechanics and general chemistry II classes.

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Fewer marks in his test didn’t discourage him. He would go home and think, “Oh, I should have known this, I should have done way better.” He said he knows how to deal with disappointment and bounce back with more force. He wants to do Quantum physics, as he sees a great future of electronic devices and smartphones.

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His brother, Cannan is also a child prodigy. At the age of 10, he graduated from Accommodated Learning Academy, then headed to TCA for studying physics, astronomy and engineering. The mother said to media that, Cannan started learning calculus when he only 3. The mother thanked the teachers and faculty of TCU for her son’s achievements.

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