Mom And Daughter Enjoy Their Meal While Foster Son Starves—Then A Disgusted Stranger Approaches (Video)

It was a typical afternoon, when a family of 3 people, sat down in a local restaurant for a meal. The young boy was an African-American, while the mother and daughter were Caucasian. She was his foster parent. The mother was behaving rudely only with the son. Soon all the nearby restaurant patrons started noticing her different behavior with the two kids and at the same time. She asked her daughter to choose, whatever she wants to eat from the menu, but told her son to eat anything under $4.

He wasn’t even allowed to ask for a special beverage, he just got a glass of water with lime. On the other hand, the girl ordered a vanilla milkshake with soda.


On being asked she said, she gets just this certain amount of money a month to spend on him. This unfair treatment was being disliked by everyone out there in the restaurant. She said that if she sends him back, no one will adopt him. The boy was hurt. A woman at the next table was watching all this from start. She could not resist anymore and stand up and walked up to them. She said, “If you are going to bring someone to your house, is this the way you treat them. You should treat the same way you treat your kids.”

Suddenly from the corner of the restaurant, a surprise came up. It was a camera crew coming towards her. It was a set up from the reality TV show “What Would You Do?”All those family members were actors of the show.


There was no actual abuse going on between the family. Next day the video was uploaded on the social media. It was an attempt to raise awareness about the issue of fostering. People take an advantage of the system, they take the children into their homes and make them suffer and take benefits from the government.

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