Mom “Forgets” 3 Month Old Baby In Car. Returns Hours Later And Is H i t By Stench

Cities across the world are experiencing unprecedented heat waves this summer. In New Albany, Indiana, it was close to 86 degrees Fahrenheit on Friday. A stressed mother was headed to work one day with her two children in the car. She was to drop her daughter off at her daycare first, then take her 3-month-old baby son to a different daycare. But something went very wrong. After driving her daughter to daycare, the mother headed straight to work — forgetting her son who was sleeping peacefully in the back seat. When she returned to the car around 4:30pm in the afternoon and opened the car door, she smelled something strange. At first confused, she filled with unspeakable dread when she suddenly realized her fatal mistake.

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She had forgotten to drop off her son, and he’d perished in the scorching hot car throughout the day. Paramedics rushed to the scene, but it was already too late. The boy’s father Aaron Turner later confirmed the d e a d baby as his son, Aiden Miller, reports WAVE3.

“She said she opened the car door and was like, ‘What is that smell?’ and she noticed Aiden was still in the back seat,” Aaron told WAVE3.

Aiden was declared d e a d at Baptist Floys Hospital.

“I still don’t understand how that happened. Obviously it happens. It just happened in my family. It doesn’t get any closer to home than this,” the devastated father told WLKY.

No charges

No charges are expected to be brought against the mother, since there is no suspicion of crime. She has already been punished for life.

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Every time we hear a story about a child being left alone or forgotten in a car, we think it’s unbelievable. Nevertheless, it happens several times a year.

According to, an average 37 children die every year in the United States after being left in hot cars. In 2017, 43 children d i e d in the United States, and so far this year, 29 have d i e d.

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