Mom Gets Confused When Teen Daughter Asks To Stop The Car, But She’s In Tears When She Sees Why

Tionae Thomas had just picked up her teenage daughter of 14 from school. It was a hot day and traffic was heavy. Then, all at once, she asked her mother to stop the car. “It’s too hot momma,” her daughter said, “stop the car.” As Tionae pulled over, she noticed her daughter looking in the direction of a young student who was sitting under a tree on a patch of grass on a median in the middle of a street. After getting out of the car, she walked up to the boy and asked him if he was okay and if he knew where his parents were. The boy shook his head. “Can you call them?” she asked him. The boy said he only had his dad’s number.

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Then she kindly offered him her cell and suggested for him to get off the street and stand by a Rite Aid store “so strangers won’t try to get him and he can run in the store if need be.”

When she got back inside the car, she said to her mother, “Momma let’s wait until he gets picked up and I might have to get him some water if it’s not soon.” Tionae smiled to herself and she knew then that she must be doing something right.

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