Multi-Millionaire Lives On $100 A Month And Will Give Entire $714 Million Fortune To Charity

As told by a multi-millionaire who is known to be a Chinese, he has a monthly budget of approximately $100 and is prominently planning to facilitate his whole fortune worth $714 million for the charity after him. This kind-hearted personality is none other than Chow Yun- fat who is a movie legend and has been continually recognized majorly for his abundant roles in a variety of movies such as the Hidden Dragon, Crouching Tiger, Crazy Rich Asians as well as the Bulletproof Monk.

When he was promoting his brand new film Project Gutenberg, he openly revealed some unknown facts of his frugal lifestyle which undoubtedly proved that he is a man with a pure soul. Chow Yun- fat notified that he is leading a really simple lifestyle and this 63 year old man really enjoys it with full heart and also, he is not at all intrigued in buying new things and consumes the street food as well as makes use of the public transport at the utmost.

Apart from this, he also notified that the actor has been making use of a decent Nokia Flip Phone and that too from the past 17 years but had to replace the same with a smart phone once it stopped operating. Later, he also told many things about the choice of his clothing and also, that he always looks forward to buy his attire from the stores which have some discounted stuff just like the shirt that he was wearing was of 98 Yuan and his sandals which had a cost of 15 Yuan, he just wants to feel comfortable in whatever he wears.

He never considers the money with him as his own; instead he is just marking it as the money that is kept secure with him for the present time. He has been hailing from the film industry since 40 years and has a net worth of approximately $5.6 billion HKD.

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