The NYPD’s First African American Twin Sister Officers Are Now Both Detectives

New York Police Department officer, Michelle Jones, was recently promoted to detective specialist. Michelle joins her identical twin sister Melissa, who was already promoted to detective, to become the first Black twin sisters to serve as officers and now detectives for the NYPD. The 48-year-old sisters, born seven minutes apart, joined the NYPD within less than five years of one another. Melissa joined first in 1993, then Michelle did the same in 1997. As identical twins, they were often mistaken for one another around the department and while serving on their community assignments. Still, they both excelled and quickly earned the respect of their colleagues in order to become eligible for promotion as their time served permitted.

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Both ladies will work specifically for the Chief of Transportation, Thomas Chan. Michelle will serve as a detective specialist in community outreach while Melissa will serve as Chan’s assistant. Chan playfully commented to the NY Post, [before] “it was easy because one was a detective [and had a] different shield. Now, I have to really look very carefully, or listen or look for mannerisms to try to tell them apart.”

Congratulations ladies and thank you for your service!

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